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The number of patients with skin cancer continues to increase

The number of skin cancer cases continues to increase sharply, leading to increased pressure in hospitals. The report also states that it is faster than aging Skin cancer in the Netherlands He researched developments over the past thirty years from the Dutch Integrated Cancer Center (IKNL).

According to the authors, if there is no change in the organization of skin cancer care, the pressure will increase enormously in the coming years.

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the Netherlands and in all types of cancer, with the number of skin cancer cases increasing rapidly. 52 percent of all cancer cases are skin cancer. Breast cancer comes second with 12 percent.

Approximately 70,000 skin cancer patients are added each year: on average 900 new patients per hospital according to IKNL. Patients are mostly elderly.

The main cause of skin cancer is excessive sunbathing or sunbathing UV radiation.

Types of skin cancer

The most common type of skin cancer is basal cell carcinoma, with 48,000 new cases per year. This type of skin cancer, especially seen in the elderly, is almost never spread and causes death.

The years of growth in the number of patients with melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, seem to be ending. More than 6,000 diagnoses are made each year. Since 2010, the number of people who have died from melanoma has remained constant at 800 per year.

In recent years, new drugs have been introduced that increase the chances of survival, and the diagnosis is increasing from time to time, which is important for a chance of treatment. The disadvantage is the increased costs.

Approach plan

The increasing number of diagnoses and treatments causes a lot of pressure in hospitals, so according to IKNL, there is a desperate need for an effective care organization in which dermatologists and general practitioners work together.

In addition, better prevention should be made to further slow down the increase in skin cancer. Less exposure to the sun and tanning beds and the careful use of sunscreens can stop the increase in skin cancer.

Therefore, IKNL advocates a national action plan that should include a better approach to various forms of prevention and care. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports should play a pioneering role.

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