Monday , August 2 2021

Schaker Caruana wants Fischer to match Carlsen to World Cup battle NOW

In two championships, Fabiano Caruana is hoping for the next three weeks to put an end to the world championship, Magnus Carlsen. The 26-year-old great master wants to be the first American world champion since the legendary Bobby Fischer.

Carlsen has been the world champion since 2011 and has been the world champion since 2013. He is a slight favorite for the two-way war that started on Friday at London College, but Caruana is the person who participates.

In their fight against Carlsen, the American won all of their tournaments and 27-year-old Noor FIDE evaluated the three points of the global federation FIDE: 2835 to 2832.

Caruana is the first American-born chess player to compete in Fischer's World Cup championship since 1972, when he defeated Boris Spassky from the Soviet Union in Iceland.

"The only chess player that really inspired me was Fischer," says Caruana. Guardian In 1975 he refused to defend his world title, and in 2008 he died aged 64 at the controversial citizen about.

"Some of the things he does in his private life are not great, but his approach to chess and his desire to win was fantastic, and now his comparison with Fischer is fantastic, but we are two completely different ones. Personalities and chess are approaching in a very different way."

It'll be the real duel & # 39;

Caruana struggled for the world title with Carlsen almost two years ago, but lost in the final round of the nominee tournament of Sergey Karjakin. The Russians then lost only in the grip of Carlsen after the twelve regular matches after the draw.

Norway knows that this time can be very exciting. "This is a real duel," said Carlsen, who won the chess tournament at Wijk aan Zee for the sixth time this year after the war with the Dutchman Anish Giri and Caruana.

"The world title has become part of my identity, and it's all about it." The title itself does not bother me too much, but I certainly do not want to be someone else. "

Five years ago, Carlsen won the world championship in two matches with the great master of India, Viswanathan Anand. In 2014 he successfully defended the title against Anand and then expanded his title in 2016 by winning out his rival Karjakin. The 27-year-old Noor was already 33 times against 26-year-old Caruana: Carlsen ten times, won Caruana five times and was eighteen times stumbling.

Two championship rounds of the world championship continue until Wednesday 28 November and consists of twelve games. The world's top two chess players play not only for honor, but also for money. Premium pots are filled with 1 million dollars.

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