Tuesday , January 19 2021

Ronnie Flex emerges when the baby arrives entertainment

"I'm naturally very happy. Especially because I like the last days, because it's so close now, so excited. I'm dreaming a lot about it, but I don't see a face of my child in my dreams." Ronnie Flex for RTL Boulevard.

"Then I wake up and then I think it's that far away." But then I look and I see that it took a month and a half. I just think it's super exciting. I know I will do it very well and will be very dedicated. "


And he says he's very happy that you're not alone anymore. "Now I'm very glad to share everything I get and everything I've worked with someone. I don't have to do it for myself anymore, but I can do it for someone else.

On October 30th, Ronnie gave birth to the good news. With an ultrasound photo he writes: "You do it for me because the situation is quite complicated. But it was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me and I love you very much. It is not very planned, it is heavily welcomed.


Who wants to be the mother of the child? Ronnie Flex tell. . I want everyone to respect the privacy of my baby. I don't make any interviews or explanations about it. Imin However, this has all the looks. Dj Wef or Wafae Kefi, mother.

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