Thursday , September 29 2022

Records ready, Russian actress returned from space | Abroad


Peresild, Sjipenko and Novitsky were in a Soyuz capsule on their return. During the night from Saturday to Sunday, it was disconnected from the ISS, about 420 kilometers above Earth. Then the ship slowly sank. Finally, it enters the atmosphere in a controlled manner. At approximately 06:36, the Soyuz hung from the parachutes and landed safely on the vast plains of Kazakhstan.

Peresild is starring in the new Russian movie Vizov (The Challenge). In the movie, Novitski falls ill. He cannot return to Earth, so a surgeon played by Peresild goes into space to operate on him and save his life. The last half hour of the movie takes place on the space station. It is not yet known when the movie will be released and whether it can be watched in Dutch cinemas.

A camera crew was shooting when the capsule landed. Speaking to the AFP news agency, one of the producers said that these images were used in the making of the film. There would also be small parts for the cosmonauts on the ISS, which the Russians call spacemen.

With the film project, the Russians can again write a space in their name. The Soviet Union at the time was the first country to put a satellite (Sputnik) and an animal (dog Laika) into orbit. The first man in space (Yuri Gagarin) was also a Soviet cosmonaut.

Filming for Russia is a source of income and a way of self-promotion. Moscow also defeats its eternal rival, the USA. Actor Tom Cruise also wants to go to the ISS to shoot movies there after a while. SpaceX, the space company of businessman Elon Musk, is involved.

Currently, seven people live on the ISS: three Americans, two Russians, one Japanese and one French.

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