Sunday , September 19 2021

Prince Harry wants ‘not to destroy his family’ with book | Royal family

He doesn’t want to hurt his brother Prince William or his father, Prince Charles. “Harry definitely doesn’t want to be separated from his family forever,” a source said, adding that he wants to let you know how he experienced things and clear up any misunderstandings by telling the story his own way.

Still, there are doubts about Harry’s plans by royal watchers in England. “How could he have the slightest idea that it’s not a big deal?”f*ck you‘To his family? First Meghan and she left with great admiration for Canada and then America, then an interview with Oprah and now this again. When will this end and when will Harry and Meghan return to the atmosphere of privacy they so longed for? They have been seen and heard more frequently in recent months compared to the last four years. And for a couple who say they’d rather live in the wind, that’s quite remarkable.”

Harry’s nieces Zara Philips and Princess Eugenie, with whom he has a warm relationship, are also said to be concerned about the fate of the book. They fear that Harry will forever lose his goodwill with the British people.

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