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One quarter of the Netherlands sleeps badly: "I fell asleep with an audiobook."

Statistics According to new figures from the Netherlands, in 2018, 24 percent of Dutch people aged 25 and over had trouble sleeping. A significant increase: in 2017 it was still 21 percent.

Hamburger About 20 percent of the population has sleep disorders, Hans says neurologist and sleep specialist Hans Hamburger. “In addition, there are people with sleep problems because they kendileri do strange things kendileri themselves. For example, you go to bed too late while using alcohol or playing games on your smart phones. Especially the use of the screen and the use of alcohol causes poor sleep quality. because they do not know that it can affect their sleep negatively. "

Active mind

Ans Schilders (75) says it has an effective method of falling asleep for two years. Var I have a very active mind, which makes it hard for me to sleep. I don't worry, but I often find all kinds of ideas and plans in my bed. Now before bedtime, I always listen to the audio book De Avonden. From Gerard Reve. I find your voice very relaxing. "

Ans never listened or read the book. “I always open anywhere. If I listen to the song the next morning, it doesn't look familiar to me. So I went very quickly. ”

Moment of rest

According to Hamburger, reading a book or listening to something calming is an effective way to fall asleep. "If you are having trouble falling asleep, it's wise to stop using your phone or other crowds two hours before going to sleep. Read a booklet and get some rest. Meditation can help."

Angela Vespignani-Koek (54) began to rest a bit before closing her eyes. He's a thinker, he says. “I always thought in bed: what am I going to do tomorrow? How can I do? Because I had all sorts of thoughts all the time, sometimes I fell asleep. He can relax and sleep like a log and become more energetic the next day. "

Sleeping disorder

Things like hamburgers can help sleep problems, but if you have a sleep disorder like sleep apnea or restless legs, it's more complicated to treat yourself easily. In Wendy Grave (31) a constant rhythm, a peaceful sleep before bedtime, different pillows, healthy food and caffeine did not work. “Every night I had a time when I couldn't sleep. A doctor gave me a sleeping pill, but you can only take it seven days in a row. ”

“Sometimes I slept bad for a while, then another beautiful period,” he says. Im I am very sensitive and very sensitive to movement and sound. It takes me a long time to fall asleep. I've tried melatonin, but it causes heart palpitations. ”

Sleep hormone

According to Hamburger, the use of sleeping pills or melatonin hormone is not wise. “You should only do this if you have a certain sleep disorder, but never do anything else. You should know exactly what the indication is and that it should be indicated by a sleep specialist. ”

Other things to do if you have difficulty sleeping: Work out late at night or take a night or use a joint before going to bed. Hamburger, "Sleep quality is getting worse," he says. For example, you have less dream sleep. Only when people are very old, alcohol sometimes helps them sleep better. A cool, dark room is the best condition for a good night's sleep, where you can rest before bed, leave your phone or other screen, and take a hot shower before bed. "

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