Thursday , August 11 2022

Mental health selection site should reduce mental health waiting lists


Today a new website is online for people who need mental care. sites Choose mental health care Patients and doctors should help psychiatrists, psychologists and other therapists find them without a waiting list.

Choose mental health care provides information on the duration of each provider, such as autism or depression, and the waiting period per condition. Bulmak It is easier to find a provider that has a place with this website, Av says Marjan ter Avest. He is the director of the MIND, the patient care organization that takes the initiative of the health sector and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports.

Foreign Minister Blokhuis expects shorter waiting lists in the mental health service through the site. The Dutch Health Authority (NZa) says it will force GGZ providers to exceed their current waiting times.

More than half a year

According to NZa and the Health and Youth Inspectorate, waiting lists for autism, trauma treatments and personality disorders are very long. Patients usually have to wait months or even more than half a year before starting treatment.

According to patient organization MIND, GPs often refer to the same psychiatrist or psychologist. Est The industry is complex and GPs choose someone they know and trust, GP says director Ter Avest. Choose mental health care Doctors should point to other practitioners in the neighborhood without shorter or no waiting time.

However, transparency is not the only solution for patient organization. "The urgency is as high as possible to reduce long waiting times in some areas to an acceptable level."

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