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LIVE | Pakistanis want to pay for fast Sputnik shot | Internal

  • UK ‘corona passport’ case begins this month
  • When traveling from the Netherlands to Germany, a negative corona test is required from Tuesday.
  • Thrombosis experts angry over temporary suspension of AstraZeneca vaccine

00.10 – Sputnik vaccine is offered for free in Pakistan

Pakistan witnessed the Russian Sputnik vaccine sold over the counter for the first time in the country this weekend. Thousands of Pakistanis lined up to get vaccinated against the corona virus for a fee. In the southern Karachi metropolis, material was exhausted at many injection points on Sunday.

Pakistani authorities currently only offer free vaccines to healthcare workers and seniors in their 50s, but they are not very vigorous in doing so. Last month, they approved the import of vaccines to the public market by commercial companies.

The first births caused a large influx of young people, especially young people who are not currently eligible for vaccination at state expense. Waiting times were sometimes up to 3 hours. Two doses of Sputnik V were immediately paid for 12,000 rupees, or about 68 euros. The government is still in disagreement with drug importers over setting a maximum price.

6.55 pm – No police brutality on Museumplein demo

The show at the Museumplein in Amsterdam on Sunday afternoon was silent. The municipality says there are about 250 to 350 people.

“There was good communication between the people there and the police. “Many people kept enough distance most of the time,” he said.

It was quieter than usual, but hundreds of people had come to Museumplein on Easter Sunday as well.

It was quieter than usual, but hundreds of people also came to Museumplein on Easter Sunday.

In recent weeks, regular demonstrations have been held on Sundays against corona measures, where things are often out of control. There were about a thousand people at a demonstration last Sunday and more than 330 demonstrators were arrested. More than 300 people were then banned from entering the area, which means they were not allowed to enter Museumplein from April 3 to June 6.

This Sunday, the municipality had no prior indication that large groups would occur. Consequently, there was no reason to designate the square as a security risk area.

18.51 German ministers: going shopping after vaccination

German Health Minister Jens Spahn offers more freedom to its citizens who have vaccinated against Covid-19. In an interview published in the Sunday issue of Bild, Spahn says that fully vaccinated Germans should be able to gradually get more opportunities, for example to shop and go to the hairdresser.

People who have had both injections with one of the available vaccines – one dose is enough for the upcoming drug from Dutch pharmaceutical company Janssen – no longer need to be quarantined while in contact with infected people. This is the test-based opinion of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German counterpart of the RIVM.

Spahn says in the popular newspaper that more freedom for vaccines is essential for the gradual resumption of retail and public life. However, the leader stressed that including the third wave of infections, which requires more drastic measures, is a top priority.

Spahn’s biggest concern right now is the increase in the number of corona patients hospitalized. 4051 of them are currently in intensive care. According to experts, there were more than 5,500 events at the peak of the second wave earlier this year. A tight lockdown and rapid vaccination could reduce pressure on healthcare and prevent the January record from breaking.

18:34 – Photographer was attacked

A news photographer from the Twente newspaper Tubantia was attacked by security guards at the GGD location in Enschede on Friday afternoon. Photographer Cees Elzenga says this in the newspaper on Sunday. According to the man, security guards asked him to remove the photos. When he did not do this, the security guards tried to knock him down. The photographer is considering to submit a report. “There was no reason for that,” he says in the newspaper.

Elzenga says he is not allowed to take pictures indoors with the press card and TC Tubantia face mask on his neck. Therefore, he took a picture of the empty parking lot. Security guards then approached him and demanded that he delete his photos. He refused and they called the police. According to Elzenga, he was caught by one of the security guards while he was waiting for the officers. When the police arrived, he says he ordered the security guards to release Elzenga.

GGD Twente said he regretted the situation and apologized over the phone. The photographer informed Persveilig, a joint venture of the Dutch Journalists Association, Editor-in-Chief Association, police and the Prosecution Office, which aims to strengthen the position of journalists against violence and aggression.

17.41 – Dutch doctors and nurses go to Curaçao

Twenty Dutch nurses and doctors head to Curaçao this Easter weekend to support hospitals and help local GGD deliver faster injections. On Friday, 30,000 vaccines arrived in Curaçao and Aruba from the Netherlands.

This weekend concerns sixteen nurses and four doctors, two of whom work exclusively for the GGD. They will help with vaccination, according to the Ministry of Health reports.

In the coming days, seven doctors and two nurses will go to the island, where the daily number of infections is very high. Many people are also hospitalized with corona. Curaçao tackles the relatively largest number of infections in the world. That’s why the Netherlands is helping the country with medical equipment such as respirators.

“It is important to dive so quickly to pause your life in the Netherlands and help people in Curaçao in difficult conditions,” says Foreign Minister Paul Blokhuis. He appreciates staff who want to do this “hard work”. “It feels like a charity job for many nurses and doctors to do this on these Easter days.”

In the near future, there will be doctors and nurses from the United States, including IC nurses.

13.45 – Germans expelled from Roermond exit center do not understand Dutch rules

Designer Outlet Roermond, which he says is Europe’s largest outlet center, had to send a few shopper Germans to the door without an appointment on Easter Day. Outlet center says there are lots of phone calls and emails from people wanting to come and shop this Easter weekend.

Designer Outlet Roermond visitors in line for a store (archive image, May 2020).

Designer Outlet Roermond visitors in line for a store (archive image, May 2020).

The mall is also popular with its eastern neighbors on public holidays, but has slightly different corona measures than the Netherlands for shopping. Shopping in the Netherlands is by appointment. This requires an appointment at least four hours in advance and the maximum number of visitors applies depending on the size of the store. In Germany, you can make a reservation according to the outlet center. Some Germans also ask if they can come shopping if they can show a quick test with a negative corona result, but this is also not allowed in the Netherlands.

Not all of the 185 shops in the outlet center will be open this Easter weekend, but the outlet center probably thinks the stores opened are completely full. It is not known exactly how many people will come to go shopping this weekend.

05:00 – Brazilian court allows church services during Easter

Although Brazil was badly hit by the coronavirus, a Supreme Court judge paved the way for church services during Easter. He issued an order that states and municipalities could not completely ban religious celebrations due to the corona epidemic. Previously imposed bans were reversed, Brazilian media reported.

Restrictions apply. For example, places of worship can only accommodate a quarter of the maximum number of visitors, mouth masks are mandatory and sufficient distance should be left.

A woman was vaccinated in Rio de Janeiro.

A woman was vaccinated in Rio de Janeiro.

The evangelical lawyers association filed a lawsuit for allegedly violating religious freedom and the separation of church and state. The judge found that in difficult times such as now, comfort with religious activity is absolutely necessary.

Brazil has the second highest number of corona infections in the world and the second highest death rate after the United States. Nowhere else are there more corona deaths every day than in the South American country. More than 330,000 Brazilian lung viruses have died since the coronavirus outbreak. Last Wednesday, the country recorded a record 3869 deaths in 24 hours.

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