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Less lawsuits on forced absenteeism – NRC


The number of school attendance cases against school attendees and their parents is decreasing. This is shown by the figures from the Council for the Judiciary requesting AD. Last year, more than 3,200 compulsory education cases were brought to court. This year, until September, including 1930.

If the trend continues to develop, 20 percent less compulsory school subjects will be addressed this year. Of course, the tendency of compulsory education officials to look down on Roosemond, the president of Ingrado. According to him, the most important moment for these bargaining issues between February and May.

The decline in the number of cases stemmed from the new agreements between the justice department, the Halt bureau, the School of Child Care and Protection and Roozemond and the parties concerned.

Punishment is not working

Roozemond has thought that punishment is a solution for preventing prevention. Ucu But the outcome of these criminal cases was not what you wanted. The occupancy rate of the school did not decrease. Ond My rotation, ”Trivia is usually a symptom of other problems among students,, says Roozemond. A punishment – from fines (up to 3,700 euros), punishes community sentences for parental punishment is less useful than solving these problems.

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According to the new appointments, only the judge will be appointed, provided the student is otherwise unacceptable to the school. According to Roozemond, among other things, for example children who are addicted to games or drugs. According to the Judiciary Council, the Judge is charged with duty, work or education in 69% of the compulsory school cases. The remaining 30 percent will get a fine. Only in 100 cases one is in custody.

Compulsory education

The school occupancy rate in the Netherlands has been decreasing for a few years. Minister Slob (Primary and Secondary Education, BC) wrote a letter to the House of Representatives this spring. 66,000 reports were made in 2016-2017 academic year.

This spring, Slob made several attempts to fill the school and address the residents. Among others, the former Child Ombudsman Marc Dullaert insisted on solving problems between students and preventing absenteeism.

School students in the Netherlands have full compulsory education between the ages of five and sixteen. Then, a qualification requirement applies: pupils should follow education until they have a secondary school diploma or until they are eighteen years old.

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