Sunday , October 17 2021

Kidnapped and killed cat rescued


A cat was killed in Utrecht very tragically. The creature disappeared from Watervogelbuurt on November 4, and was found skinned on Thursday at Overvecht's Veilig Thuis. In the organization focusing on youth services, the monster pushed the fur into the mailbox.

Kidnapped and killed

The creature lived with its owner Rianne Steenbeek and his friend Niels. The chicken, as the name of the animal, was an old brother, Karel. According to Rianne, two of them regularly played outside, so the window was always open. "Every fifteen minutes they came to buy a pet or to eat. Around five o'clock in the afternoon, suddenly it took an hour to get back in. I started to look at it and Karel started running in the style of miaowing. When I do, she comes right away. "Rianne says RTV Utrecht.

KIP was not found after a call to Facebook. "On Thursday, the police suddenly called. Kip was right. He was kidnapped and killed. The fist corrected him, and Samen Veilig at Overvecht laid his foot on the sidewalk in Midden Nederland."

It turned out that Kip's jacket went through the mailbox of an office building in Tiberdreef. Animal ambulance employees read the cat's chip and found Rianne and her friend on the trail.

Horrible deed

Safe in Central Netherlands, confirmed the story. According to Florine Lengkeek, it was a terrible sight for the colleague who saw the dead cat. "It's an event that has affected all colleagues. Especially to the colleagues who encountered the dead cat. Safe Midden-Nederland together with the police gave notice and took the precautions. We understood that there was a cat stolen.

For now, it is unclear who is responsible for this terrible act. The police asked the witnesses to report.

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