Tuesday , December 1 2020

Ikea erases 7,500 jobs worldwide

According to Swedish media, furniture giant Ikea erases around 7,500 jobs worldwide in a major restructuring over the next two years. The work in the Netherlands is still unclear.

In particular, administrative work will be eliminated. Due to the restructuring, 11,500 new jobs need to be added in the next two years.

A spokesperson in the Netherlands has not yet commented. 650 positions disappear in Sweden. In Belgium, especially in the headquarters and personnel departments, 100 to 120 jobs can be canceled.

Ikea Group has 375 stores in 46 countries with 172,000 people worldwide. The group's annual turnover is 33.8 billion euros. Ikea has thirteen stores in the Netherlands.

Håkan Svedman, country director of Ikea Sweden, talks about Swedish press agency TT The group is now completing 75 successful years and is now beginning a ın journey of development şirket to see how the company will work in the future. "Today we will look at what skills and what will be needed in the future."

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