Wednesday , March 3 2021

High-dose blood thinners are effective in corona patients

High doses of blood thinners can prevent corona patients from getting seriously ill. They can also heal better by treatment with these anticoagulants. This is evident from the intermediate results of a worldwide study conducted among 1,300 moderately ill patients, including UMC Utrecht.

“This is very good news and gives a better idea of ​​what treatment we should use and when,” says UMC Utrecht concentrator and researcher Lennie Derde.

Doesn’t work for ICU patients

The study shows that high doses appear to be more effective than normal amounts of anticoagulant agents.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, doctors around the world have seen increased blood clots and inflammation in COVID-19 patients, leading to complications such as lung failure, heart attack or stroke. We now know that he gives higher doses of blood thinners. Safer to inpatients than routinely administered. and effective for this group, ”said Derde.

How blood clots form is still unclear. This should reveal more research. “This is something every doctor at the bedside is familiar with, but we still know very little,” he says. Almost every corona patient takes blood thinners, but in low doses. It was already known that critically ill patients with COVID-19 in ICs should not receive high doses as this can be detrimental to them.

Third, the doctor-microbiologist and UMC coordinates worldwide research in Europe with his colleague Marc Bonten from Utrecht. According to him, this treatment can help reduce the pressure in the ICU. “Most patients hospitalized with COVID-19 are in the ward, not in the intensive care unit, and this work affects their recovery.”

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