Tuesday , October 19 2021

Fred van Leer gets his father's illness


The eccentric fashion has a strong connection with her lover's family, but she does not smooth the door with her family. "I came to my family very little," he says on RUMAG TV's YouTube channel.

The reason for his absence stems partly from his bulging agenda. But he also finds it very difficult to visit his family because his father suffers from serious illness MS. "This is a terrific and debilitating disease," he says, interviewing Imgar Felicia emotionally.

But he also explains the disease to his mother very seriously. "Then I think I really need to go to my family more often and if I see her sitting in her wheelchair, then you are really wrong," Fred said.

But his father does not miss a career and keeps everything exactly like a proud father. Some things are no longer possible due to rotten disease such as the premiere of last month's performance.

Watch the full video with Fred below:

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