Monday , January 18 2021

Four deaths in the event that occurred in the workplace Enschede countryside

The police are doing research all night around the building and the building itself. The construction and part of the public road is protected and monitored as long as the research continues. No one's been arrested yet.

Police spokesman Chantal Westerhoff said Tuesday that the team's & # 39; Team Large Scale Investigation & # 39; said it was enabled. In the building you'll see 'Leeuwenhoek & # 39; There is a shop called. A cannabis plantation was made in the same building earlier this year.

"I believe a truck has been lifted lately," he says. In a distant past, the building served as a cafeteria, but it is no longer valid.

The store in Enschede belongs to a Vietnamese man who lives a little more in the city. It is not clear whether he was involved in the incident and whether he is still alive. The house where the man lives is sealed by the police and local residents declare that De Telegraaf is a building where eleg a few Asian people live Adam. The neighbor said, "There's a man or a six in that building." The owner of the breeder is associated with several buildings that were previously closed by the municipality.

Problem area

De Leeuwenhoek is located in the Velve-Lindenhof district. This region was known as a problem area for many years, and since March 2007 it was a Vogelaar region. In recent years, there have been many renovations in the neighborhood to make it more livable. But according to a resident who wants to stay anonymous, the neighborhood still has many wrongs. "A lot of people live with debts and there's a small crime. But you don't expect anything like that." He didn't know the residents of the building. "I didn't know who lived there."

The severity of multiple firearms

The severity of firearms in Enschede has already taken place with drugs. He was released several times in the city of Twente in 2017: a hairdresser was set on fire, a shot was taken directly across the border, a house was hit with a machine gun, and a shishalounge was fired first and then set on fire. At the beginning of this year, a 25-year-old man was killed in the same hookah bar in his car. Police suspect that all cases are related to each other and with drugs.

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