Tuesday , August 9 2022

Enrique Iglesias praise the boyfriend of the fan. entertainment


It's not the first time the cult singer has a fan on the stage and she's kissing him. That's why 39-year-old Josephine He had dreamed about him before, he says News. And at the moment, the concert in the Ziggo Dome came Friday night. During his hit hero He embraces her, dances around each other and kisses her in the mouth repeatedly. "I thought: Is this really? What should I do now?"

Not that she never suspected her fantasies. ,, I thought: 'I'm there, I'll just do it.' And he didn't go back, so I filled his ovens! "The question to Iglesias If he's married, he says: 'No, I have a boyfriend, he's fine.' But I mean, he thinks it's good! And of course he is granting me, I can make an exception for Enrique Iglesias, haha. "

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