Sunday , December 6 2020

Dutch TV program wins international Emmy award

A Dutch television program from NTR won the International Emmy Award in New York on Monday evening. Etgar Keren concerns the program – a true story.

Etgar Keret – A true story of director Stephane Kaas explored how the Israeli writer Etgar Keren could be such a good narrator. NTR production won the award in the category of Arts Programming. The program competed against candidates from Australia, Canada and Brazil.

No prices for Puck

The other Dutch competitor captured the documentary The Puck world together with the International Emmy. The best docu award outside the US went to Goodbye Aleppo from the BBC.

Four programs were nominated in the documentary category. In addition to the UK's winning and Dutch EO production, Brazilian Eu Sou Assim talked about stigmatization of mental disorders and a Japanese document on Paralympic Games for International Emmy.

The world of Puck is the documentary of Gert-Jan de Vries, who has been filming his family for more than two decades. Her daughter Puck severely apologized nine months after her birth. Gert-Jan films and interviews from his wife, son and daughter in Docu pregnancy.

International Emmiler is awarded annually to television programs outside the US. Awards are divided into ten categories. During the ceremony, the best non-English program from American soil will be awarded.

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