Friday , August 12 2022

Dutch driver never before seen


In our country more than ever. In 2017, it reached 147.6 billion kilometers with Dutch automobiles, delivery trucks, heavy vehicles and buses. This is 11.7 percent more than fifteen years ago.

This is shown in the numbers of the Central Office Bureau (GIS). A new record for the research office.

More passenger cars

Passenger vehicles occupied the top mile last year. In total, these vehicles drove 119.1 billion kilometers. This is 14.3 percent from 2002 and slightly more (0.4 percent) than in 2016. "This growth is due to the increase in the number of registered passenger cars. Last year CBS showed an increase of over 20 percent compared to fifteen years ago with 9.1 million cars.

The number of kilometers per passenger car does not match the growth of the vehicle fleet. In 2002, the number of kilometers per car was 13,700, last year, this figure dropped to 13,000 km. Particularly, the private car flew less with the car than in 2002 (-6.2 percent).

The minibuses were driven a lot more since 2002. In total, it was 17.7 billion kilometers last year and 6.8 percent more than 15 years ago.

Unlike passenger cars and vans, there was less driving with heavy vehicles and buses.

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