Sunday , August 1 2021

Dolberg: & # 39; I'm not completely happy with how it goes & # 39;

I am disappointed that Kasper Dolberg is still not at the old level. In the first season, the Danish striker came as a comet, but after last year suffered from the loss of shape and injuries, he is not very old now.

Dolberg is currently six in this season, but he is not really happy. I'm not 100% happy how it goes, he says in conversation with De Volkskrant. Dusan Tadic and Judge Ziyech and Ajax as side players mean Dolberg will make a faster transition. In addition, they demand a lot of ball, so Dolberg comes less than the ball. It's different, so there are also some drawbacks. I'm not up to the ball as before. I need to focus more on the right place in the penalty area at the right time. & # 39;

From the perspective of the person, Dolberg has not changed since the first year. They still find it hard to investigate her in the locker room. De Volkskrant He never asks if he writes, and he never throws a ball with a footballer or seasoned teammates. "Be more clever? I always did like this. I don't feel I have to change it," says Dolberg, which usually starts at the base, except Benfica. "Of course, that's a problem for me, even though I'm not mad at the instructor."

Wim Kieft

One of the critics of Dolberg is former Ajax player Wim Kieft. According to the analyst, Dolberg played his talents in the first season. Dolberg reacts cynically: 'He looks like a very intelligent man, this guy. I don't think you can play better than you. It's weird to say. I have to try to get that level again. "

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