Friday , January 28 2022

"Does the doctor make me better?" Doctors examines young Q fever patients


Emma also welcomed herself. Her mother: "That doctor" Does he look at me and maybe make me better? "I said," he said. "

News from Utrecht follows the news that the province of Brabant has provided a ton of research for Q fever research. Fire in Q in 2007 erupted at a goat farm in Herpen. About 45,000 people have been infected by the bacterium causing Q fever. A number of infected people have developed chronic Q fever, which may cause problems later.

Future for Q fever patients
Anne van der Pluijm says:, They will watch the children and then a 5-year study can be linked to looking at whether there are any medications and whether treatment is possible, so there is a future for children with Q fever. "

Parents of children with symptoms of chronic fatigue approached the hospital doctors in Utrecht themselves. They stated that they wanted to see and investigate the children to see if the fever was the cause of the symptoms of Q fever. If so, a much longer and comprehensive investigation can be made with adequate financial means.

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Long way to go
The Q-support Foundation is a source of support and advice and advice for all professionals providing advice and advice for Q patients. Alfons Olde Loohuis is the medical consultant of the foundation. . This is a great start, but we're not there yet. You need a lot of money to do a good scientific research, but you have to think about four hundred thousand euros. Children with Q fever are still little known and it is assumed that children cannot hold long-term complaints about infection with Q fever, so more research is absolutely necessary. "

Listen and read the radio with Anne Angela van der Pluijm

The UMC spokesman confirmed that a lot of money was needed for the follow-up survey. Angela van der Pluijm from Hank has launched a mass funding campaign to raise money to conduct research for young Q fever patients. The counter is more than 3,000 euros. It is not clear how the required tones will be put together.

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