Tuesday , August 3 2021

Coronel advises Ricciardo: “Admit your loss just like Verstappen”

Daniel Ricciardo is currently competing with his third Formula 1 team for four years. Just like two years ago with Renault, he is now brought to McLaren to return the team to absolute pinnacle. He even wants to bet on the world championship with McLaren, but doesn’t trust anyone who is too close to him, according to Tom Coronel.

He defended F1 reporter Ruud Dimmers’ claim to bet a bottle of champagne to Daniel Ricciardo, who will score the most points at McLaren: “You know me, I always take everything in and double the bet. Bet two bottles on Lando Norris. to enter “they argue with each other. Race-digital audio file.

Dismissing Dimmers’ suggestion that Ricciardo still needs time to get used to McLaren, Coronel said, “Norris is really smart and resourceful, and Ricciardo won’t do that. I don’t think this excuse can arise. Experience should be included in it.”

“It’s very simple, you see that the new generation is getting the upper hand. You have to admit it and with Max Verstappen it has already done it, because you have clearly seen it happen. Dan Ricciardo. And Daniel is a good boy, a big smile, everything is right and of course getting used to that car. you have to, but when will this excuse end? “

The bet is highlighted here, we’ll get back to it at the end of the season!

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