Tuesday , August 9 2022

Cabinet warning for Chinese industrial espionage


The government will be very careful against China espionage by China with the help of the future successor of the mobile internet network 4G. Minister Block (Foreign Affairs) said on Monday that while building the new 5G network, care should be taken to ensure that the Chinese are not getting much power.

Block, said the AIVD'e also pointed to this. "This is an issue clearly on the agenda of our security services, but we also offer it to the attention of Dutch companies."


If it is up to the ministry, the government will present a special Chinese strategy in the spring of 2019. Minister Wiebes, previously a group of six people led by Prime Minister Rutte said the report is working on. Wiebes said the company had seized Chinese companies: "Chinese companies that come to the Netherlands with a bag of state aid and do everything here."

NOS D66 Deputy Verhoeven on Friday morning radio broadcast NOS Radio 1 News It should be noted that the Netherlands seems to be dependent on Chinese technology, like many other countries. "And when China set up these systems in our country, they entered our information systems very deeply and could also send data. This is a danger."

Looking for opportunities

According to Verhoeven, it is important to start thinking about possibilities in the European context. "What technologies do we want to keep in our hands?"

According to the Minister Bloc, China is mostly seen as a partner. “But you should pay attention to what is happening in this world. And industrial espionage, we're very careful for that. "

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