Tuesday , February 25 2020
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Better control of care in schools

According to the Inspectorate, this causes conflicts between parents and the school. The care assignment should ensure that schools provide a suitable place for each student. If the school cannot offer it, the child must look for a suitable school for him / her.

More active

But that's not always going well. The Education Inspectorate now wants to investigate further whether schools actually meet the care task. Uz We are actively looking for this, Eğitim says Louwina Boomsma, Inspector of Education Inspectorate. “This means that we will respond to the signals faster. Even if we don't take it directly from us. "

If a school does not follow the rules, there will be an opportunity to implement improvements. The Education Inspectorate's report then becomes public. If the school is still not successful, the budget will be reduced.

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