Sunday , November 29 2020

& # 39; Westernized & # 39; Hope for women:. I can't go back to Burka.:

Three women applied for asylum. They were told that they had to leave the country before, but the Council of State, the highest judge in our country, decided today in a different way.

The state secretary says that Asylum seekers should do the homework again, and that women will stay for the moment, because there is a lot of 'Western'. they think that they are in danger in their own country.

& # 39; First time & # 39;

The decision does not mean that all refugees who have developed the lifestyle of the West will remain.

The State Council spokesman said: risk One must demonstrate that the return is at risk for political or religious reasons in his own country, since it is not an easy decision because the West's lifestyle must be judged on a case-by-case basis. Dan

Even if someone has learned Western behavior, such as shaking a man's hand or looking directly at him, someone must remain.

& # 39; on the street in burka & # 39; s & # 39;

21-year-old Mohadese Moradi is a woman who is very Western and says that she can't return to Afghanistan. "I have lived here for 8 years, I was not allowed to walk in the streets of Afghanistan, talk to men, shake hands, go to school, I was at home all day, I walked towards a bang."

He currently lives in Harderwijk, an asylum seeker center separate from his family. "I watch a hairdresser, I have Dutch friends, I talk to men and go to the gym, I have a whole western life."

He doesn't want to go back to Afghanistan.

& # 39; Hazard & # 39;

He says he is in danger in Afghanistan. "If people see my photos on Instagram, I can be taken."

The fact that the Council of State can now stay in the Netherlands is a support. However, the uncertainty did not go because the final decision was not made yet.

No burka

The Council of State's decision gives hope to other Westernized asylum seekers in our country. The asylum lawyer, Andrea Pool, estimates that more than 100 women are involved. The Council of State says there are currently twenty similar cases.

The asylum lawyer Pool treats this expression as a step in the right direction. "We hope that a new policy will be implemented, allowing the implementation of asylum on the basis of" westernization "."

Happy with Pronunciation & # 39;

Jasper Kuipers from Vluchtelingenwerk is also pleased with the decision. "& # 39; & # 39 West; There was still no way to apply for asylum because of his argument, and it was really new to say that this could be a reason to take refuge, but the refugee job is now waiting to see how tightly the IND is. Will judge.

Previous statements

With the Council of State, claim that there were earlier statements about women who said they were westerners in the past to return.

This was about certain countries. 2009 in Afghanistan and 2012 in Somalia. However, according to the Council of State, these cases are less general than today's power, because it concerns a situation in the two countries at that time. According to a spokesperson, this statement applies to a larger group of women.


The Ministry of Security and Justice were not aware of the power today and the decision was made. announced that it works.


21-year-old Mohadese, today, then the feeling of the double is behind. "I am happy because my hope that I can stay is growing even more today."

He can't do anything until then. Im I can't even work because I don't have a residence permit, I can't even work on my scooter. All my Dutch friends are doing nice things, they're working or they're going to school.

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