Sunday , May 22 2022

Wydad and Raja upset


During this cool autumn week, the two clubs in Casablanca are not only geographically connected. In recent days, they both face a major inconvenience. First sportive for Raja Casablanca. As the African Confederations Cup finals against AS Vita Club arrive on the horizon on November 25, the Greens will face Agadir Hassania today (4:00). Adrar stadium. The calendar of this game does not like Raja's Spanish technician, counting on the second day of the championship in parallel with the history of FIFA, which effectively deprives Hafidi, Mabidi and Sanad of the third. Juan Carlos Garrido. He also said: konusunda We wanted to postpone our confrontation with Hassania Agadir because of the existence of three players in our elections söz, before adding that the rejection of that request made it ready everywhere, in particular, var the opponent complains about the absence of some important players Ayrıca. "I am ready to accept the decision to postpone the game," said Habib Sidino, president of Hassania Agadir. Although the positions of the two clubs are close to each other, there are still conflicts between Raja and the leader of the championship when writing these lines.
Other news this time is very exciting, not extra sports, but the separation between WAC's management and future former coach Rene Girard. WAC President Saïd Naciri had just returned because of bad results when he declined to dismiss the French coach. the will of the president is difficult to realize. For a good reason, the dispute regarding severance pay. And, frankly, after the WAC's disappointing sports results, the Casablanca club didn't really want a war behind the scenes. In any case, René said that Girard managed the training session in the afternoon on Thursday, and thus could not explain its future further.

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