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Will Mellal end?


Apparently, the JSK leadership is determined to boycott the match against USMA if the LFP decides to plan for tomorrow.

Until yesterday evening, there was no indication that the class's USMA – JSK would be played on Monday, as the official website of this league continued to program for the first time in order to know the course of two meetings this afternoon. ESS-CABBA and NAHD-OM and USMA tomorrow at 17.45 until Tuesday, against the JSK, the international referee Ghorbal 'in the beginning of the referee's trio announced. On the other hand, arrangements for the programming of championship games, including the obligation to inform teams about 48 hours before the match, are strictly regulated, in addition to organizing the traditional 24-hour security meeting. game. And since it didn't happen yesterday, it was planned for Monday, tomorrow was a day before class. This meeting brings together the security services, the Civil Protection, the stadium staff and the leaders of the receiving club, which says that the USMA will try to fulfill the organizational plan of the meeting, where it will be. The question of the number of tickets to JSK fans. This shows that classico is well and truly planned to insist that the JSK administration will play only on Monday at 17.45 tomorrow, otherwise the package will prefer the package despite many requests. In football officials and sports figures section, Kabul is calling for better sentiments. "Those who think I'm bluffing don't know me well. If the match is played for Tuesday, we won't play." Yesterday evening, the head of JSK Cherif Mellal told Berbere TV. Faced with this fragility created by LFP Medouar, the latter wanted to make Kabyle's leadership his own decision through the other heads of the clubs. Indeed, we find out that Nassim Benabderrahmane, the general manager of JSK, was contacted by his counterpart, Abdelhakim Serrar, who was with former President of the League Abdelkrim Medouar. -Yesterday. This was confirmed by Benabderrahmane, who we called on us yesterday: ü Serrar called me along with Medouar. He tried to explain to me the reasons for planning the game on Tuesday. He wants everything to be okay. But I told him we weren't going to play Tuesday, bize he said. . If the team was asked to join the capital yesterday afternoon, our interlocutor told us that the departure of the delegation was scheduled to take place on Monday and that the team would play as directly directly at Bologhine Stadium tomorrow. this morning). According to the speaker, it's a way to show that JSK is determined to go all the way to its separation with the LFP.

Medouar and inflexible LFP

Faced with this situation, Abdelkrim Medouar, head of the Professional Football Football League (LFP), seems uncertain about his boss's schedule of USMA-JSK matches on Tuesday. "To keep the end of the first leg accepted on November 22 and 23, all programs had to be shaken, so no club would be damaged. The JSK was scheduled to be played on 5th, 9th and 19th of November. It was planned to be done on the 19th day, so they recovered 24 hours a week between USMA and NAHD, instead of 10 days between NAHD and CSC ar this is useful for JSK and his coach, see for yourself MA on this occasion, I call him wise, What he does there is to look for violence and public disorder, ğ said Medouar, site Dz Foot. The previous day, Minister of Youth and Sports (MJS) Mohamed Khattab said the previous day that JS Kabylie Cherif Mellal's President reacted to the destructive statements made by the Professional Football League against his boss. LFP) Abdelkrim Medouar. "These misrepresentations, pronounced by some club presidents, should stop, not the words of national football, but today we must be wise and calm, everyone is responsible for their statements, there must be arguments, each one aims to create the buzz created by the press release, which is an endless spirame can cause, "said Khattab, wilaya visit Sidi Bel-Abbes among them," The most important thing is not to make false pretensions or to enter into a sterile debate, but most importantly to get in touch with these behaviors, "he said. the minister added.

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