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Will Kris Jenner change his name to Kardashian?

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There is no secret that the name Kardashian has so much power in the entertainment industry. This family name is well known to people around the world because it is part of the first reality TV family.

Without the family name, the Kardashians would probably not be where they are today, and Kris Jenner was absolutely grateful.

Although it has been almost 30 years since Jenner was known as the Kardashian, one cannot wonder whether he thought of saving his ex-husband's last name, and now he is dead.

Jenner once thought of changing his name to Kardashian.

Kris Jenner formed an entire empire with the surname of his family, so he planned to become Kardashian again.

After divorcing Robert Kardashian in 1991, the mother took the name of her second husband, Bruce Jenner (now known as Caitlyn Jenner).

The Kardashian family's mother continues to protect her Jenner surname, despite her former Olympian divorce in 2014.

Although Jenner was never known as Kris Kardashian, there were times when he thought of returning to his late husband.

In 2016, Jenner surprisingly showed Khloé Kardashian that he would change his name to Kardashian.

In a deleted scene Follow the Kardashians , Jenner gave up this great revelation after the designer american good I asked who was calling reservations at their favorite Mexican restaurant.

“I usually call the manager and say, Hey Hey! This is Kris Kardashian, "the director said.

"Your name is not Kris Kardashian," his mother said, "I'm going to change my name to Kardashian."

He said, "Why? You haven't been for 24 years."

"I was like you were before," Jenner says. "I was the original Kardashian."

Kardashian then suggested that Jenner return to her maiden name (Houghton), but the communications manager said it was not true.

"Protect Kris Jenner," Kardashian insists. "Don't you think you're insulting your two daughters?"

Se If Bruce could change his name to Caitlyn, I think I'm fine, J Jenner said.

He finally decided against it.

Although Jenner insisted that his family's name was Kardashian again, his parents finally objected.

In an interview with Australian radio show Kyle & Jackie O in 2016, Jenner explained why changing her last name was no longer her concern.

“Two young girls have a great father, and yes, I think I'll stay where I am,” he said. It seemed like a good idea for a minute, but then you have to respect the whole family relationship. I'm too busy these days to worry about my last name!

When it comes to whether Jenner's mental state has changed in recent years, it still seems to feel the same.

Despite problems with Caitlynn Jenner since her divorce, she has become accustomed to the surname of the mother and now does not see the point of changing it.

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