Friday , April 16 2021

Video. 8 statements to be released from the first media trip of Israel’s Moroccan ambassador

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David Govrin, Israeli Ambassador to Morocco, gave an interview to our colleagues from For the first media trip to the kingdom, published Friday, March 5, the diplomat describes the first steps of his costume as custodians of the Israeli liaison office in Morocco and his goals for the coming months. Here are the takeaways from David Govrin.

Moroccan hospitality

“The welcome and the hospitality towards myself surprised me. I am warmly welcomed everywhere I go. I’ve been told that this is your country. Narrow darkom (home is yours, editor’s note). I didn’t expect the welcome to be this warm. “

Multilingual Moroccans

“I learned that most Moroccans speak several languages: French, English, Spanish and even Arabic). It’s a rare feature that Moroccans should be proud of. “

Rabat – Cairo

“Rabat is a magnificent capital, there is far less tension there than in densely populated Cairo. The Jewish community occupies a central place in Morocco, where Jewish heritage is recognized as an integral part of national identity. Moreover, the press here is much more open than in Egypt. Journalists in Egypt are unfortunately boycotting all their contacts with Israelis. In Morocco, by contrast, journalists are much more open and many of them want to contact me for an interview.

Economic cooperation

“Our main goal is to develop relations between the two countries and the two peoples in various fields: agriculture, trade, energy, science and technology. The potentials are huge. The aim is to develop bilateral relations in all areas.

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Direct flights

We expect flights between Morocco and Israel to start within a month. I am sure that these flights will increase the arrival of Israeli tourists to Morocco and Moroccans to Israel ”.

Morocco, ally

Morocco is seen as a friendly country, an ally country and an important partner of Israel in the Middle East. We have various common interests such as the fight against terrorism and the consolidation of stability throughout the region. On an economic level, Morocco can be a trade gateway for all of Africa. “

Moroccans from Israel

“There are about 1 million Israelis of Moroccan origin. Moroccans immigrated to Israel in the 1950s and have since formed a bridge between Morocco and the Jewish community that remained in Israel. When they came to Israel, they took Morocco to their hearts and maintained strong cultural and social ties with Moroccans.

Palestinian problem

The Israeli hand was extended to the Palestinians to achieve peace. We believe that direct negotiations should be initiated without preconditions. We want the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table as soon as possible and I hope Morocco encourages them ”.

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