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Stan Lee was perhaps a legend, he was not, the creator “of Marvel.


Stan Lee died at the age of 95. The news didn't surprise anyone, but Marvel comic book fans, Marvel cinematic universe, Netflix, Spider-Man tights made a knife in the Marvel series or billions of other items pulled from characters like Fantastic Four, Iron Man and X-Men.

However, one of the words commonly used to describe Stan Lee should be emphasized in the 1960s, when the golden age of Marvel gave a false picture of his legendary career. There are too many credits for the creator of Stan Lee and the other side of his career is not enough: all the work he has done for culture and at the beginning of Marvel. Generally geek.

Alas lie

Stan Lee had a series of screeners: editor, publisher, screenwriter, plot designer, celebrity, peddler and camera maker – but Dormammu called him "creative" for the sake of Terrible.

The term "Creator" refers to a sad lie about the birth of the Marvel universe with its divine connotation. It will continue for a few decades, a discredited lie, and probably until a real Galactus decides to devour our planet. Marvel Comics has always introduced Stan Lee as the main creator of Marvel Lee, and "Stan the Man" has fueled this legend.

But the truth is quite different: most of the creative work was done by the artist. storytellers Home from home including Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko.

The necessity was the mother of inequality. success Fantastic Four (1961)The Incredible Hulkbelonging to X-Men, from boldbelonging to The Avengers, from Spider Man and others. Stan Lee wrote too many comics for a single man, even if he was a superhero. "Marvel style" was born this way.

According to the mode of production of the "Marvel style", "writers" of a comic strip, in most cases, intended to propose a conspiracy by leaving the draftsman to Ditko or Kirby. Managing all artistic aspects and generally suggesting dialogue. Stan Lee then returned to fill the bubbles.

In fact, comic book artists did most of their narrative decisions, and they didn't just show a pre-prepared and detailed story, as they do today, if they deserve it, they're known for their true value: "After all, drawing also creates"designer Declan Shalvey as he remembers.

In the late 1960s, Ditko and Kirby were overwhelmed by this situation and left Marvel. Stan Lee became a hero of the pop culture and an important Marvel employee, benefiting from both real and cultural great wealth. In the meantime, they beat most of the works as second cutters.

Lee and the poster of others

However, this majority did not start a business all business. Hellboy & # 39; s creator Mike Mignola & # 39; s as explained in Twitter Ilar What we can discuss – forever, what created Jack or Steve, but the truth is that they created everything together; kind of magic.

Senior author J.M. DeMatteis doesn't say anything else: "And as we raise our glass in memory of Stan, let us lift him to honor the genius of Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. These three men reshaped our popular culture; they fired our collective imagination. Enough said!"

The complexity of Kirby-Lee collaboration has been thoroughly studied in decades. Coming with the latest description Stuf & # 39; s Said, a special edition in book format Jack Kirby Collector. Stan Lee, Doctor Fatalis, Strange et al. Even the most ardent supporters of Kirby or Ditko cannot say the opposite. But there are facts: Lee was not “creative”, meaning “creative only Ama. It's a pipe. And these headings are also false:

– "The legendary Marvel comic book heroes Stan Lee, died at the age of 95" (NBCNews.com)
– "Stan Lee: The creator of Spiderman, X-Men and Avengers died at the age of 95" (The Guardian)
– "Spiderman and creator Stan Lee died in the Black Panther" (Nola.com)
– "The Death of Stan Lee – Spiderman and creator of the comic book legend Marvel died at the age of 95" (The Sun)
– "The creator of Marvel superheroes died of Stan Lee" (The Obs)
– "The Spiderman and the legendary creator of the Hulk, Stan Lee, died at the age of 95" (Struggles)

Enough to add "co-" "Creative" to be right

The Hollywood Reporter's obituary is also incorrect in this passage: "Stan Lee, who created or created the Black Panther, Spider-Man, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, who entered the industry in 1939, and the Ant Man, among countless characters …". this «Or» Stan Lee did not create because it was misleading none of these heroes co-created The rest of Daredevil and Kirby with Spider-Man with Ditko, Bill Everett. There is no shame of being a "co-creator"; This is the only appropriate term.

Emphasizing this distinction, we may think we're consuming the tomb of Stan Lee. But over the years, a demiurge, the bright and lonely Stan Lee threw a spitting dump truck on the tombs of Ditko and Kirby constantly renewed mythology.

The satirical magazine The Onion's necro title has a lot of truth: "Stan Lee, the creator of Stan Lee's creator, Stan Lee, died at the age of 95." Outside of his adorable little ones, Stan Lee-character-was not harmless. In addition to other content creators, generations and families also paid the price.

Style and image of Marvel

Fortunately, there are other terms to more accurately describe the extraordinary impact Stan Lee has on comics and pop culture. In addition to his founding partner role in Marvel, he has long been a household editor. A title was less sexy than the "writer" or "painter", but more importantly: above all, it was necessary to organize these fucking comics.

Under his supervision, Marvel came out of his marginal position to become the bestseller; Even his main competitor, DC banned his home and ended up making a revolution in the world of comics. Many myself, including myself, got caught up in the artistic genius of artists collaborating with Stan Lee. The effects could have been much less without the ability and success of the editors.

And if the title of the editor it looks very straightforward, there are other color qualifiers to portray Stan Lee's career and all the things he did to make Marvel. The chronicles of each edition ("Stan & # 39; s Soapbox") are very special."Excelsior!", "I've said enough!") and his alliance ideas used a Marvel brand ambassador, who became a stage monster, entertainer, and auditor, and was full of hate and adaptability.

Stan Lee during a scan Doctor Garip , 23 October 2016, Hollywood | Rich Polk / Getty Images for Disney / AFP

Stan Lee that Marvel for many people as it was yesterday; his charm and humor have done much for the image of the house. Without Stan's style, does Marvel have the same longevity? We never know, but I doubt it. The comic book universe had more than a creator with one imagination, but he knew that Stan Lee had no communicators to his ankle.

We'll stay in Stan's mind and let him find more compassionate qualifiers. Talking about the following topics "Super hero" or "Legend"; They are absolutely right and do not harm the memory of Stan Lee's partners.

– "The real life superhero of Marvel comics Stan Lee died at the age of 95" (The Hollywood Reporter)
– "Stan Lee died at the age of 95; Marvel Comics Super Heroes" (The New York Times)
– "Stan Lee, Marvel comics legend, dies at the age of 95" (Diversity)
– "The American cartoon dies in the 95's legend of Stan Lee" (Libération)

Stan Lee was an enraged, middle-aged man who imagined himself as a writer, and suddenly revolutionized the world of superheroes and pop culture at the time he was preparing his coat to wrap his apron. This is true and fantastic as much as an amazing fact.

Every month she managed to publish a comic book and sold it as a sensational product – which was often true. His miniatures were so incredible that the opponent DC finally entered the game. Stan Lee was a legend. Stan Lee was a superhero. Stan Lee was a creative creator. That should be enough.

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