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Social protection in Morocco: the first national conference

On November 12, 2018, he saw the beginning of the first National Conference on Social Protection. The aim is to address the problem of coherence and inefficiency of 120 active social protection programs and to make concrete recommendations for a major revision of social protection in Morocco. This reform promises to be difficult to launch …

In his speech, King Mohammed VI, during the Throne Speech in July 2018, made it clear that there were dysfunctions that hampered the effectiveness of social protection programs in Morocco: lack of coordination, disintegration of programs, lack of global vision, limited effectiveness …

These first National Social Protection Boards, organized by the State Ministry of General Affairs and Governance, have therefore set the objective of identifying these malfunctions in order to establish a common basis for reform, which will serve as the basis for a new system. social protection.

Gerekiyor For better integration and more complementarity, all protection programs need to be reconfigured. This is an important issue to ensure social peace and the rights of citizens, "said Saadeddine Elotmani, head of the government, and opened the meeting.

14 chapters and hundreds of programs

The situation in Morocco is somewhat contradictory. The Kingdom has established more than 120 social protection programs. And more than 50% of the general budget of the state is monopolized by social sectors in the broad sense. Then how can we explain the modest effect of these programs on the population? "There are no global visions, no tools like the future unified social logbook. The eligibility criteria are unclear and the lack of precise statistics makes it very difficult to assess the impact of social protection on the population," said the Minister Lahican Daoudi, Minister of General Affairs and Delegate.

The lack of accurate and comprehensive data on social protection programs in Morocco was noted by many stakeholders. Professor Driss Guerraoui from the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC) requires the development of national social protection accounts to strengthen the fusion of programs and the fusion of resources.

The reform should also be based on a homogeneous management of social protection programs. Approximately thirty public actors, including 14 ministries and 8 organizations under control, participated in the 120 existing programs.

The revision of social protection in Morocco under the leadership of the Lahcen Daoudi Division is the subject of a study entrusted to the French firm Finactu. Denis Chemillier-Gendreau, CEO, proposes his expertise in social protection in five main axes to achieve this restructuring:

– Increasing the flexibility of families by strengthening cash transfers

– Improve social performance with persuasive results

– Strengthen the relevance and quality of targeting

– Reduce the dilution of programs

– Rationalize management fees, strengthen existing data

The areas of work that were perceived better than the strategies were well thought out, which failed to raise some participants in Assises. "Repeating a diagnosis that was almost the same at the beginning of a thousand years" and "criticizing the use of foreign firms to import unsuitable solutions in relation to Moroccan facts" …

Inactive scope of workforce

One of the main themes addressed during this Conference is the social protection of the active population. A category exposed to specific social risks: temporary or permanent loss of income due to illness, work accident, occupational diseases, motherhood, childbirth …

In this area, Morocco is a pretty bad student: very limited coverage of the active population, one of the lowest rates in the world of occupational accidents, out of 6 million social security of 12 million assets in the kingdom. In addition, the low level of salaried activity in the private sector: only one of the two employees was reported to CNSS 12 months to 12 months.

"The compensation for employment loss (IPE) will definitely improve" for the easing of eligibility conditions, "said CNSS director Said Ahmidouche. one actuarial work This agency has developed several scenarios in order to increase the number of beneficiaries. But as Ahmidouche has pointed out, ın The effectiveness of the PEI depends on the funds that the social partners injected to it. When placed on the market, they selected 0.57% of the minimum.

Morocco also lags behind in terms of compliance with international law. Several contracts of the International Labor Organization (ILO) have not been signed by the Kingdom, particularly those related to accidents in work and occupational diseases. Alain Letourmy, a social protection expert and FinActu consultant, said,, they lack the parameters of parameterization and segmentation, their scope is ineffective, Sosyal he said.

Internal contradictions

In general, participants of the 1st Social Security Assistance have raised the limits of the existing system due to the lack of a real mechanism for loss of employment, occupational accidents and occupational diseases. . In order to correct this situation, it was particularly recommended that the social responsibility area urgently review the incentive and coercive conditions that would increase the transparency and sincerity of the employers.

But the reasons for evil are deeper. According to Said Ahmidouche, the social protection system is at the heart of irrational inconsistencies: mantık CNSS is not interested in occupational accidents or occupational diseases. This is one of the challenges of our protection system because the world-wide risks of social security are occupational accidents.

Under these circumstances, our social protection system should be fully redesigned with the most basic principles, rather than the restructuring of existing mechanisms that have long-termed the limits of social protection for employees. This issued a decree of the Ministry of Labor – largely devoid of these meetings – on the social security of non-employees (TNS) in the Government Council; this figure is estimated to be around 6 million people in Morocco.

Here are the opening sessions of the 1st National Conference on Social Protection and videos of the workshop dedicated to the active population.

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