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"Percentage after him, I want to play in a transvestite or a musical"

Assaad Bouab:

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14/11/2018 09:00

Handsome boy we like to hate. Assaad Bouab still throws "Ten Percent" on his plot of land adding some more salt. We had a cup of coffee with him a few weeks before the third season was aired. Meeting.

We have an appointment with Assaad Bouab At a time when the autumn sun slowly covered the leaves of the trees, on the terrace of a cafe near Bastille. She is seated, unrecognizable because she eats her beard and mustache. However, as soon as the sunglasses were taken off, we know the interpreter Hicham Janowski's carnivore smile as "Ten percent". When it came to season 2, the Franco-Moroccan actor quickly seduced the public. Assaad Bouab, who has perfected three-piece suits and masters, became a character we would love to hate. third season It starts tonight. This Moroccan-Polish, the new shareholder of the talent agency, needs to take over ASK to make it grow and make it stronger. But the impulsive and impatient nature creates electricity in the air. For Assaâd Bouab, everything came instinctively: "I wore long hair in Morocco for a shot at the time of casting, so the donut was already there. "I saw her animal, upright, and upright. And that's good! So much so that the actor allows some freedoms:" I tried to add a little bit of text in the third season. Is it nice to do that? I don't know, but I think it's good not to obey from time to time. Like Hicham would do! ".

Assaad Bouab, who was born in Aurillac in the summer of 80, before she arrived in Rabat, Morocco, is one of the actors who feed her characters. It is in the theater for this: “I want to play everything but I don't want to play this kind of role. The theater brought me the diversity of incredible characters. And to awaken their desires: "I want to play in a transvestite or musical comedy or a historical film. I don't want to ban anything." Currently Assaad Bouab lives in East Paris and is divided between casting and theater. "I did know a little on the street, but less of my mustache that I wore for the role," he laughed. However, the engine is not the recognition of viewers: "I doubt it is always. He is always there and in spite of me, he turns into motor, life energy". Unlike the character he plays, Assaâd Bouab is a very shy person: çok I cannot speak publicly like Hicham. He likes to be in the center of things, speaks comfortably, and I don't know how to do it. Even the toast will break, "…

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