Thursday , June 30 2022

Paris elections are careful before the US elections (-0.01%)


The Paris Bourse ended Monday's balance (-0.01%), with investors wary of the results of the medium-term elections in the United States and the US central bank before they knew it.

The CAC 40 index withdrew 0.74 points from 5,101,39 points in a limited trade volume of 0.9 billion euros. Friday increased by 0.32%.

The Paris note took the first steps of the balance and at the end of the day, after a little green at the end of the day, he returned at the end of the session.

"The market is very cautious because the US elections are clearly the case at the end of the year," said AFP Alexandre Baradez, an analyst at IG France. markets were hard to wait ".

Americans are called to the polls on Tuesday for a series of national and local polls held two years after the presidential election, which often turns into a referendum on the US president. The 435 seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate must be renewed in the third place.

"There is a real risk of disappointment if the Democrats get a majority, because Donald Trump will create a lot of uncertainty with the risk of creating a big obstacle to everything he wants to do, but it can also relieve the trade situation. With China," Baradez said.

"If the Republicans win, they are not sure that the markets can start a new rise, because they have greatly benefited from the financial and budgetary measures implemented since the election of the US President.

First of all, "Wednesday and Thursday," the other major issues with the meeting "continued the monetary policy as a commercial file.

The expert said, "This time, mainly, the tone of the release of the central bank to be monitored, because the next increase in rates is expected in December," he said.

"The Italian problem cannot be solved" and "unless the investors see the beginning of a compromise between the Italian government and the European Commission", the index will be difficult to remove, it felt.

Eurozone finance ministers, gathered in Brussels on Monday, should address this issue, and the European Commission has had concerns over the issue two weeks after the text was rejected.

On the indicator side, services fell sharply in China in October and slightly slowed down in the US.

– Penalized technological sector –

In front of the stock market, Ingenico rose from 3.85% to 68 euros. Investors welcomed the announcement of the group's CEO Philippe Lazare on Monday ("at the request of the Board of Directors") on Monday. .

Technology stocks were affected by the decline in the Wall Street industry. STMicroelectronics (+ -3.66% to 13.28 Euro) announced a recovery plan for Monday's highest share, from 4.04% to 60.50%. Employee share is $ 750 million in three years to meet the allocation obligations.

The total rose from 2.29% to 51.40 euros. The group signed an agreement with Sempra Energy to develop North American LNG export projects in the United States on the status of liquefied natural gas (LNG) on Monday.

Bureau Veritas reduced by 0.68% to 19.75 euros, previously benefiting from an increase in "better performance" against "neutral" by Credit Suisse.

Societe Generale rose 0.26% to 33.22 euro. The banking group said on Monday that it has reached an agreement with Bank Millenium in Poland to sell its subsidiary, the bank's bank, Euro Bank.

The maritime services specialist for the oil industry is on Friday, a framework of negotiations with 22 creditors for 22 subsidiaries from the Commercial Court of Marseille.

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