Thursday , January 21 2021

ONCF and Wafa Fuses Introduced in Drive Test

ONCF and the insurance company were tried by forced intervention. They will be heard in the context of civil action. Defense repeats the demand for independent expertise. An application for a temporary release was rejected for the defendant.

In Salé's first-instance court, ONCF and Wafa assurance entered the trial of Larbi Zengin, who was tried on 16 October after a train accident in Bouknadel.

The railway company and insurance company was the subject of the "forced intervention" movement. This approach was initiated by the victims. A few people only participated in a civil case in a trial in which Mr. Rich was tried.

At the hearing on Tuesday (November 13th), the lawyer asked for the deadline to prepare his defense of the Wafa insurance. ONCF, whose lawyer has not yet been appointed, was summoned to trial on 27 November. In the context of coincidental civil action, the two sides will be heard by the civilian side requesting compensation.

In this sensitive file the voltage dropped a notch. Unlike the previous hearing, no sit-down was carried out near the court. For the press, an introduction to the room where discussions are held without a hitch. Last time journalists could only participate in the last five minutes of the trial.

Defense is still in pre-applications. Specialization comes with the recall of requests for the call of witnesses and the temporary freedom of the accused. While refusing temporary evacuation, the court decided to stay in all other applications. The case will be taken when it begins to discuss the merits.

The parties, including the prosecution, expect the discussions to be long and highly technical. The defense challenges the expertise during the preliminary investigation. On the basis of this work, the Chief Public Prosecutor had detained the speed as the sole cause of the accidents, and therefore, as the only flaw, his driver also denied the assumptions of a defect. signaling or routing problem.

On the signal side, the expertise was made by Bombardier. Straight, this company is a company founded on behalf of ONCF. In We want the court to submit a report prepared by impartial and independent experts em, the accused's lawyer, who started the trial at Me Chaouki Ajana. According to him, the report should answer both the mechanics (the situation of the train in question) and the technique (advice, signal, communication with the control tower, etc.).

If the prosecutor does not object to the request, the prosecution makes reservations. "We support any approach to uncovering the truth, but I am curious about the person who has the authority to carry out the expertise," Rachid El Menjri, the king's lawyer. Said.

Why the International Railway Workers Union? "This organization is responsible for the security issues in all countries serving as members. Morocco is one of them," said Me Sabik Naim, another defense lawyer. A position that Morocco will occupy until 2022, except for the president of UIC.

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