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News: Jean-Claude Marcourt, vice-president of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation


Three-day mission Rabat07 – 09 November 2018

Jean-Claude Marcourt leads a large French-speaking Belgian academic delegation of 42 academic leaders from universities, colleges and art universities. This delegation will participate in the ı Innovative partnership perspective ları of the 1st Academic Forum Fas-Wallonia-Brussels, organized by the Moroccan Colleges and the Wallonia-Brussels General Panel in collaboration with the Conference of the Heads of the Universities of Morocco. and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (ARES) Research and Higher Education Academy. The first academic forum aims to establish a structured dialogue between all actors in higher education and research to discuss expectations for academic and scientific cooperation in the Moroccan and Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

During his stay Jean-Claude Marcourt his colleague, Minister of National Education, Minister of Vocational Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research Saïd Amzazi. He will also visit the 1st Morocco public center for medical-assisted production (PMA) at his Orangers maternity ward at Rabat and visit the fruit of the collaboration project between Rabat Muhammed V. University and the Free University of Brussels (ULB). Financing the Belgian Cooperation. The Vice-President of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation will open a Round Table in Francophone Space for Promoting Research organized by the MASCIR and Lieu network. The Minister will remember the close links between education, research and innovation, which allow universities to contribute to growth and job creation. In addition, Jean-Claude Marcourt will meet with Moroccan alumni of Belgian universities and colleges on the occasion of the evening concert, which will be presented by the Governor General of the Belgian Delegation to Brussels. It will then meet with various media and civil society leaders to discuss policies to improve diversity in Moroccan and French-speaking Belgian media.

Finally, Jean-Claude Marcourt will attend the opening of the exhibition 39 Art and Mathematics okul at the new Belgian school in Rabat.

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