Tuesday , October 19 2021

Movies and documentaries on Yves Saint Laurent


Between 1998 and 2001 Olivier Meyrou immortalizes their last momentsYves Saint Laurent At the beginning of his house. One of the last great creators is still alive, quieter, a little lost, hesitant step. But fashion never stops. The fashion designer continues to create, and her genius is as solid as unhealthy shyness she can't prevent from her declining career of 40 years. But the shadow man Pierre BergéShe is anchoring at the Parisian fashion house, which liberates women since the beginning of the sixties. uncompromising, in the glorious years of the house, just as the creator's demons "He lives in a place not to be taken care of in his world"In 2002 a large parade will end with apotheosis as it prepares for the big departure Pompidou Center. In this intimate documentary, which we have seen as an inseparable character, he captures the director and annoys him. Monette, Cliff Loulou, Betty Catroux, Mr. Jean-Pierre or again Dominique Deroche. Therefore not to be missed.

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