Thursday , December 3 2020

Morning – Rades at Atlas Lions with friend Tunisian Eagles

At the end of a meeting that looks like a formal match
Non-friendly exhibition, managed Atlas Lions
Win the full Radès Olympic Stadium for your choice
Tunisian, thanks to Youssef En-Nesyri's unique goal
(41 E). Hervé Renard managed to kill two birds with one stone,
In the Tunisian capital on Tuesday: Earn points
Improve position in Morocco
Time allocation to FIFA and reserves

After confirming its qualification in the African Cup of Nations 2019, Morocco immediately began the preparations for the biggest meeting football continent. Atlas Lions' first stop was held on Tuesday at the Radès Olympic Stadium. The game, played against the Carthage Eagles, ended with a short but valuable victory for the citizens. According to the national coach, "very close" match with very hard duels and muscle interventions.
Hervé Renard, Munir, Nabil Dirar, Romain Saïss, Youssef Aït Bennaser, Faysal Fajr, Soufiane Boufal, Abdelilah Hafidi and Youssef En-Nesiyri I trust. It started on the bench on Friday. Moroccans are the options that pay money because they managed to gain an advantage in the first half before dominating the rest of the elections.
In the first minutes, the Indians tried to put pressure on the Moroccans and their teammates marked the Wahbi Khazri's various initiatives. However, Boufal and the company, through the En-Nesyri 12 minutes, until the threat of the Tunisians forests could make a place within minutes. Secondly, it will be at the root of the only purpose of the meeting, in which a Tunisian beat will receive a speeding defense and a Benatia strike in a free kick initially rejected by the doorman Eagles (41).

Saïss and Boufal scores
In the second half, the players of Hervé Renard were completely disarmed after threatening the Correspondent at the 92nd minute, after the opponent's goalkeeper had been badly negotiated. The changes made by the coach provided more power to the most sought-after line in this period, especially when Al Ahmadi and his wife, Hakim & # 39; s enters the game. We emphasize that Romain Saïss and Soufiane Boufal, who got a lot of points on Tuesday and then convinced Renard, accepted their great performances at a press conference afterwards.
Morocco is leaving with a victory that should allow Tunisia to continue its rise in the FIFA rankings. He also won a few luxury jokers in almost all game chapters within a few months from a continental competition where the smallest supplement was to be accepted.

Renard spreads its satisfaction and distributes good points

Hervé Renard, who was very pleased with the victory of the reserve team, told them at a press conference after the press conference on Tuesday: 6 We were expecting a difficult match and realized 6 changes, so we had a turnover. We knew it was our group and they proved it, and I thank them, they knew that in football, it wasn't always enough to play well, but sometimes it was necessary to fight, that's what they did together, and we had the same team with two Tunisian guys playing Egypt. We knew it might be confusing and surprising with its short play, but we were able to improve our defense's strength and take advantage of the opportunity that it offers. The coach then pays tribute to his group: “The character has been a trademark for almost three years. One day, the adventure will end, but I've had this group of beautiful things. Before quoting the actors who convinced themselves and justifying their choices, Bou professionals with an extraordinary soul “: prof A player like Boufal who has a lot of technical quality can create a difference at any moment, but it's still a collective record, all the benefits. Romain Saïss is as outstanding as ever. I had planned to bring Ashraf Dari, but there was a sprain in training. This is a very difficult situation for Munir. To give you the essence of my thoughts, I told Munir that I had absolutely nothing to blame her, but that Yassine (Bounou, ed) was going to begin against Cameroon. Today in front of Tunisia, we have two high-quality protector of ours, he said. I had promised to play for 45 minutes for Walid Azarou, because I had decided to seduce his trainer and not spend half an hour with him. His club will play an Arab Cup game next Thursday and the coach of Al Ahly will need it. "

Fight between the players of both voters after the final whistle

The players of Tunali attacked Tuesday after a clash between Fayçal Fajr and a player on the opposing side, just after the Egyptian referee blew his whistle. Eagles' goalkeeper struggled with the Moroccan midfielder defended by Marouane Da Costa. A sad scene that ends a game where enemies are very muscular and tense, but only a friendly match without a real feeling. During the press conference, Hervé Renard noted these conflicts: "North Africa, the weather is warm. We are used to it. We defend ourselves to try to let everyone in. Then we have a small jury. We did not want someone to be isolated, it was a bit confusing it was part of the Maghrebian derby and was marked with more competition and enthusiasm.

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