Thursday , July 29 2021

Meriem Ben M & # 39; s Moroccan film "Sofia" won three awards at the 29th Carthage Film Festival

Meriem Ben Barek's Moroccan film ros Sofia & has been awarded three awards on Saturday evening at the Tunisian Cultural City Opera Theater, in the 29th edition of Carthage Film Days.

They are the first business contest in the TV5 World and a special mention in the official film contest of Taher Cheriaa Awards and.

In addition to olarak Sofia ", two other Moroccan-made Carthage Film Days 'official competitions, in which case director Mohcine Basri' s (movies) as # Moroccan directors age and Cart We can be heroes Sof in ın Laaziza" was recorded. Bensari, who competes in the feature film category in the official documentary competition.

On this occasion, the jury members, who watched seven films, including four documentaries, presented the quality of the motion picture to Meriem Ben M Barek, and emphasized the importance of the issue.

Leri The film that we decided to get first prize, the Taher Cheriaa Award and the TV5 World Award convinced us to give us excellent qualities and cinematic creativity, “he said.

In this film, it is stated in our society that arbitrariness is often characterized by great accuracy and accuracy in the struggle it has transformed into a victim.

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In an interview with MAP, actress Maha Alami, who won these awards in the name of director Meriem Ben M, said she was "proud" to see that she had rewarded the film three times in the Carthaginian Film Days.

Published in September 2018, this film received the Best Screenplay Award in the Un Certain Regard section in Cannes, the “Le Valois, award for the Angoulême Francophone Festival script, and was nominated 8 times. .

He tells the story of Sofia, a 20-year-old living in Casablanca with his family. After the rejection of the pregnancy, he / she gives birth to a baby out of wedlock illegally. With the help of his cousin Lena (Sarah Perles), the character of this holy name (played by Maha Alami), to warn the authorities to give birth to his hospital, the child is going to look for his father. .

44 fiction and documentary films, among short and feature films, were the official competition of Carthagin Cinematographic Days (JCC) 2018.

The works selected in the official competition are on a list of 206 films from 47 countries in different competitions and departments of this festival (official competitions, off-competition official section, parallel departments and Carthage Pro).

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In the "Parallel Sessions" section of the JCC, the organizers devised the "Focal Point for the JCC", where four countries were the guest of honor, such as Iraq, Senegal, India and Brazil.

As for the & Grand Jury J of JCC 2018, the presidency was entrusted to American Deborah Young, one of the most prominent figures, in particular as the editor-in-chief of the international film section of ün The Hollywood Reporter J. global film industry.

In addition to Tunisia and the United States, there were five other countries in the JCC 2018 Grand Jury. In this film is directed by actress Maimouna N by director Diamand Bou Abboud, Guinea by director Licino Azevedo, Lebanon, represented by Brazilian Diaye, Palestinian director Mai Masri and Senegal by the academic Beti Ellerson.

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