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Meeting around the book "Embrace the Caterpillars" with Ghizlaine Chraibi

Source: womendumaroc.com

11/12/2018 11:00

This is a book to swallow. This is a stunning novel. "After fractal love »Author and psychotherapist Gifts for Ghizlaine Chraibi " Embrace the caterpillars On Tuesday, November 13 at 18:30 at Carrefour des Livres. In this novel, the author designs us towards the future. Fractaly, a country that appears to be in Morocco. His property? For centuries, by men, in the hands of women. And because they take power, they control everything: from home to government, from work to the state. When it comes to dear men, they just disappear as love stories. In short, the world described By Ghizlaine Chraibi, the woman took her revenge! A novel Stop …

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