Tuesday , September 28 2021

Jean-Marie Bigard was criticized by internet users after a photo of her show in Fréjus

Against the health card, but have to apply to fill their rooms. Jean-Marie Bigard was dismissed by many Internet users by posting a photo of her show in Fréjus on social networks.

The day before his performance in the city of Var, he had posted a message: “Friends. I fought until the last moment, but there will be a health test in Fréjus and Nice. I am sad. I expect many of you,” he said. The figure of the anti-vaccine and anti-health pass movement therefore had to follow the rules to play in front of his audience.

On Saturday, Jean-Marie Bigard posted a photo of herself on stage during her show. A publication that does not please many Internet users. Some criticized him for respecting his health card because of the money, others drew attention to the irony of the situation for a character who had to “fight the force on the spot”. One person called him “a coward, a coward, a coward, a coward.” Another said he returned to avoid having to hand over his health card because he was “not a sheep”.

Meanwhile, some netizens defended the comedian, believing that he should work.

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