Thursday , July 29 2021

Is it inseparable football and politics in Barça?

Kiosque360. The separatists of Catalonia hurt Barça. The club has a very tense internal political gap.

Barça has a protocol chief, just over a month. Pere Lluch's dismissal was interpreted by some newspapers as the beginning of an anti-independence liquidation by the leaders of the Catalan club. Independent in recent editions.

The self-determination referendum in October 2017 left internal traces of ideological divisions. "The tension around the future of Catalonia reveals the image of a club that serves as an international drilling rig for two uncompromising political positions, despite the interdependence between Catalan politics, economic sentiments and itself," he explains.

The club is positioned in favor of a dialogue without all the roofs. Not many Catalan tastes. The separatist demanded that the club was more determined and the other side wanted Barca to focus on the athlete. Every day, "President Bartomeu has proven to be less prone to independence, which is regularly demanded on non-sporting issues."

Thus, the dismissal of the club's former protocol chief was interpreted by the press as a political liquidation. Im I said that I can no longer integrate into the club's new trends. Not in my protocol department or any other unit. Those who know me know what my ideas are. It's not impossible to be seen in a show. But as part of my job, I've always kept the necessary distance. Iş

According to the close observer of Barça, the export of Lluch was the result of the change of head of the presidential office. "There are problems with the political divisions between pro-independence and pro-independence processes every day. The management team is divided into exactly two. But in this case, the new director, Jaume Masferrer, wants to surround his trust with the people, and he himself doesn't know enough about Lluch as a perfect professional. The source of this paper is the protocol manager.

A section of the Barcelona club showing how embarrassed by the political situation of the region. Although the other clubs of Catalonia are at the highest level, the universal club that speaks to the world is actually Barça.

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