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Mobile payment: go!

Interoperability, which allows money transfer between clients with accounts in different institutions, should enter into force at the end of the month. The flows defined as temsil quickly addressable by mobile payment hızlı represent about 400 billion DH.

After many tests and after nearly two years of consultations between the participating players, mobile payment was officially launched in Morocco. Thus, Bank Al-Maghrib and the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ANRT), co-ordinated with banks, payment agencies, telecom operators and HPS Switch, called a new payment method "wallet" with Mobile phone on November 13th. This can be given in an account organized by a bank or a payment agency. Electronic and dematerialized, especially person-to-person (P2P) money transfers, commercial payment transactions, as well as cash out (Cash out) and cash transactions (Cash) allows to perform various operations. In & # 39; A "wallet" owner can do this by filling in the beneficiary's phone number, which must hold the wallet, regardless of the organization that owns the account. This is the beneficiary.

Utilizing the National Financial Inclusion Strategy

This "interoperability", which allows the transfer of money between customers with accounts in different institutions, is based on the mobile transition (the infrastructure to direct information to the B facility from an institution). It is unique to the Moroccan system and constitutes a ve first Fas unless there is no other country where the system is ğı naturally interoperable Fas. Interoperability is scheduled until the end of this month.
According to Asmae Bennani, Director of Systems and Payment Systems and Financial Inclusion Division at Bank Al-Maghrib, ü Mobile payment was designated as the main branch of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy. Currently, price competitiveness has been finalized due to the simplicity of services and their optimization as well as adaptation of customer identification conditions to payment groups.
In addition, it was decided that the cash wallet of the "wallet" was agreed upon by mutual agreement; (for the payment of invoices); In addition to the end of the "wallet", the consultation of the balance will be free services. For costs associated with the cost of SMS, switching and ATMs, the actors (operators, Switch and banks and payment) will be agreed. Change fee will be limited.

Eleven authorized payment institutions

Currently, because 11 payment agencies know that the approval process is too far, the Credit Institutions Committee (CEC) has received or approved Bank Al-Maghrib. It will be completed.
The mobile payment rate in Morocco is based on a mobile penetration rate estimated to be around 130% in 2017, mobil to facilitate access to financial services and to reduce the use of mobile phones for the benefit of poorly serviced or under-served populations. mel the cost of cash and management ”so that mas it should be collected by a larger liquidity loan agency nakit.
Nowadays bank money yearly number of payments per capita in terms of just 5.5, Turkey & # 39; at 46.1, France & # 39; 269, United States & # 39; s 376 and Finland & # 39; 448 & # 39; d. In addition, 82% of the card transactions and 76% of the in-bank checks correspond to the cash withdrawal value. According to Bank Al-Maghrib, this weight of cash payments, önemli a significant cost for economic and social inefficiencies and economic agents (government, traders, banks, individuals), the 0.7% of GDP. represents temsil.
It should be noted that the flows defined as mel quickly addressable by mobile payment lar constitute around 400 billion DH. Domestic transfers are related to acquisitions, payments of suppliers, payment of invoices, re-purchases by telephone and also social rights.
At the end of the 2019-2023 period, the stated target is to ödeme capture s between 50 and 60 billion, and at the same time reach 6 million mobile payment users, 51,000 broker / merchant's acceptance network and 1.3 billion transactions. To this end, Aberrahim Bouazza, General Manager of Bank Al-Maghrib, announced that a communication and awareness strategy for mobile communications will be launched next year.

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