Thursday , May 19 2022

GMT + 1 brought Saad-Eddine El Othmani to justice


Kiosque360. After the students and parents, the lawyers appealed to the Court of Cassation, requesting the cancellation of the decree on daylight saving time. The government has been increasingly lonely since PPS and Istiqlal have appeared more against GMT + 1.

The lawyers' association in Morocco filed a lawsuit against the prime minister's court, Saad-Eddine El Othmani, demanding the suspension of the court's decision. legal. Lawyers are considering the government's decision to be unconstitutional.

They believe that this decree violates the principles of the protection of citizens' rights and fundamental freedoms. The Constitution of II. The section on which sanctions for any sanitary, spiritual, economic or social security is prohibited.

Rajy My Lhoucine, the lawyer of the Union, who is the legal representative of the Union, objected to this decree by mentioning his multiple defects. The Court notes that the decree did not abuse power in particular, as it considers that the decree was issued by a party not authorized to legally change the statutory period by a royal decree.

The union believes the government is based on the first paragraph of Article 1 of the Royal Decree No. 455/67, which entered into force in June 1967. However, he added, he was kidnapped and was therefore purposely violated from the second paragraph, which categorically prohibits changing the legal term corresponding to Greenwich.

Daily Assabah On Saturday (November 17th), the union said it believes the government failed in its mission to protect citizens' rights and fundamental freedoms by adopting the decree.

For this reason, the unity was not chained, and it respected the general interest that created the origin and purpose of the legislation. While the government justifies the maintenance of summer time by reducing electricity consumption, the sun rises late in the winter. This care forces students, officers and workers to get up in the dark to return to their school or workplace. Consequently, contrary to what the government claims, daylight saving time increases the consumption of various forms of energy.

The aim of the union is to provide the rule of law and its application in a sound manner in order to obtain legal certainty through rational legislation. However, this decree does not meet these standards and does not take into account the stability, adaptability and resilience factors proposed in such cases.

Daily Al Massae The same issue, on Saturday (November 17th), reminds the content of the appeal of the lawyers' union. The newspaper, the government to cancel the decision to unite the national unity and to bring together the union, the call of lawyers who call on political and unionized organizations.

The movement of lawyers appears at a time when various voices are spoken against the preservation of daylight saving time. The government decision even managed to accept the majority with opposition parties. Thus, the PPS 'political office called for "an extended debate with all social representations to find a solution that achieves all the objectives of the implementation of legal time." It should ensure that both public and private sector activities and missions are carried out smoothly, in addition to meeting the needs of the national economy and the demands of families and students. "

The executive committee of the Independence Party examines what it is for him as ler dissatisfaction and manifestations in students and their parents İst. Particularly in some cases we have found serious floods affecting the symbols of the homeland and the Moroccan state and the security of people's properties.

In doing so, the IP urged the government to rethink its decision to "rush" without examining its "negative impact and its impact on education, security, productive sectors and public services".

And to conclude that we need to open up a real debate on this, before we offer an alternative to the socio-economic actors and civil society actors and legislative bodies.

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