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Fortnite Store January 17, 2021 – Fortnite

Epic Games every day at 1 am fortnite store by introducing new cosmetic items from character skins, pickaxes, gliders and dances. Below you will find all the cosmetics available in its history. 17 January 2021 over boutique Fortnite.

Featured Objects

Daily Items

All about the Fortnite store

Epic Games offers every day: boutique Fortnite new objects fall into two different categories: ” In the news “And” Diary Objects in the first category mentioned are generally much rarer and consequently more sought after than the second, where we will always find at least two outfits.

Obviously, each of these items are classified according to specific color codes (Orange → Legendary, Pink → Epic, Blue → Rare, Green → Atypical and Gray → Common), ranging from 200 to 1600 V-bucks depending on its type and rarity.

Currently available objects boutique Fortnite it may have been a few days or weeks ago that the others potentially first appeared there. However, there is no indication that a product available today will return to this store one time or another. If present in any cosmetic product Fortnite store from January 17th Looking at you, tell yourself that this might be the last time it can be bought through.

We invite you to return to our site every day to learn about the different objects available on our site. boutique Fortnite without having to start your favorite Epic Games game.

One Contest is organized with our partner Instant Playallowing you to part with the video game of your choice, FIFA credits or a little V-bucks.

To join, simply click on the link below → Choose my video game !

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