Friday , October 7 2022

ESS – WAC: "There is no alternative to victory" (René Girard)


Wydad Casablanca coach Rene Girard, September 16 for the Arab Club Cup ES Sahel & # 39; s against the back of the leg of the "Both teams will be difficult and difficult to negotiate," he said. the result is zero at the first attack (0-0), but his team has no alternative other than victory.

Girard, at a press conference on Wednesday at the Olympic Stadium in Sousse, said the star Sahel account was "high technical potential", was one of the best Tunisian clubs, and showed many challenges in the match. This is Thursday, "Sousse is very important for us to win" and the race to the quarter finals.

The French technician emphasized that the match had the value of a cup conflict at every level and that the penalty might be required to determine the name of the qualified team. Edi Therefore, we were called to confront all scenarios and made it difficult for players to perceive and we stepped back after the throne was interrupted. “

"The sensitivity of the meeting requires us to avoid the pressure on the players of ES Şahel, who play in front of their field and supporters," Girard said.

Edi So we have to wait, we must be cool and try to surprise our opponent at the right time, “he added.

Wydad Casablanca player Ibrahim Nakach stressed that players are aware of the heavy burden of responsibility on their shoulders, especially because they are wearing the uniform of Wydad, one of the best clubs in the world. African Champions League and Throne Cup, despite the recent disappointments with qualifying, the continent and the Arab scale ".

Inda The game against Etoile will be an opportunity to step back as we have no choice but to qualify for the quarter-finals and stay in the title race, “he said. He stressed.

The meeting will begin on Tuesday night at 18.00 at the Olympic Stadium in Sousse, and will be led by the Iraqi referee Muhannad Al Kacem.

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