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Carlos Ghosn stopped, shocked and asked questions


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In May 2015, Carlos Ghosn, in Yokohama, in the south of Tokyo.
In May 2015, Carlos Ghosn, in Yokohama, in the south of Tokyo. TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA / AFP

Not less than that "Earthquake" For many observers and actors in the automotive industry. Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault CEO and Nissan and Mitsubishi, was arrested on Monday (November 19th) on suspicion of false accusation by Japanese courts. Nissan announced a board meeting Thursday to dismiss Ghosn. Uyanda Mitsubishi Motors made a similar decision without specifying a date for the board.

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Review of the main questions of arrest and eviction of all powerful boss.

  • Can Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi get rid of the alliance founder?

This is a great obscurity of the release of Carlos Ghosn, which is the key key to the atypical industry alliance, because this man is still the non-executive president of Nissan and Mitsubishi and CEO of the Renault group. Hiroto Saikawa, general manager of Nissan, announced on Thursday that he will propose to the Japanese manufacturer's board of directors to be dismissed. Mitsubishi also announced it will detain Ghosn from its chairmanship on Monday.

In France, there is astonishment among the rulers and the unions and the staff. Renault's CFE-CGC union said "Concern" For the automobile manufacturer's future after his boss was arrested in Japan. CFE-CGC "Officially demanding all measures to be taken within the group to protect the interests of the Renault group and its alliance", specified Bruno Azière, delegate of this management union.

TF central union representative Mariette Rih in the Diamond group, "Trauma" He hopes that everything will be done for the company and to minimize the impact on Renault and on joint projects between Japan and Japan and the Industrial Alliance. Just to mention France, Nissan Micra has been produced in Renault Flins (Yvelines) since 2016 and has commercial vehicle production projects in the Renault Sandouville (Seine-Maritime) and Maubeuge (North) regions. was launched a few days ago. "Threat is an industrial development model that we don't want to see see", M concludesme Rih.

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