Monday , August 2 2021

Atomium is an exhibit like in a disco ball

Atomium’s new direction it tries to focus these temporary exhibitions towards digital arts. So he chose to invite the collective Visual System of Paris to a new collaboration called Symbol. Idea? Play with the visitor’s senses, create blur, create suspicion between virtual and reality. To instill poetry in digital art. And a change of scenery is guaranteed for those who dream of boarding a ship equivalent to the 2001 ship Space Odyssey, for example by Stanley Kubrick.

Almost hypnotic visitor experience – The “sounds and lights” of the 21st century – sometimes make you dizzy. First of all, Atomium offers a new perception to its visitor. “In a normal year, Atomium attracts more than 600,000 visitors (652,000 in 2019), the health crisis changed the situation”. There were 172,000 visitors in 2020, but interestingly, Arnaud Bozzini, exhibition director at Atomium, says:While the Belgians only made up 30% of the usual audience, they came back.Heysel plateau will visit its extraordinary monuments.
Here is Atomium, an original architecture newly adorned with an exhibition that changed our perspective. Let’s go see …

Please note: The Atomium ticket grants one free entrance to the Design Museum, 150 meters from the Atomium.

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