Tuesday , November 30 2021

AC Milan wants Ilicic


Ilicic can change rosters to Serie A. ‘Sky Sport’ reported that Milan contacted their managers to sign him next season. Atalanta is in a complex situation and its current contract will continue until June 2022.

He was the hero of the Champions League match against Real Madrid because his coach Gasperini was teaching him. Over the edge, he complained that the player wasn’t doing his best on the field. This slightly spoiled the actor’s image.

However, this does not seem important to the Milan club that wanted him in their ranks, according to the aforementioned source. He is a very efficient player with lots of Serie A experience.is where he has played almost since leaving Maribor.

It will be up to him to continue to impose himself on Atalanta to prove his worth, whether a serious offer comes in or not. He still has a good part of the season ahead of him.. Another important aspect regarding his possible departure to Milan, which perhaps hastened his departure from the club a year later in order not to leave for free, as he was contracted until 2022.

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