Tuesday , May 17 2022

Who was charged for the poor state of the court in Azteca?


MEXICO CITY. – Yesterday afternoon, the NFL reported that the game between the Chiefs and Ram's in Mexico would be canceled due to the bad state of the court, which awakened the discomfort between both Mexican and US supporters. Sports officials on the subject statements.

Director of the Sports Institute of Mexico City Horacio de la Vega, Azteca Stadium managers for negligence, he said. not to foresee the problems of the poor situation of the area This resulted in the cancellation of the NFL game with information from the MedioTiempo portal.

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. For my special pleasure, the team responsible for the Azteca site's maintenance had to pay more attention to the issue as important as the field, if not, they were the consequences of not taking the necessary measures. Make sure the area is in optimum conditions, If you have a lot of time, but you have three or four other, if you have one, and if you have an impact in this field, because I don't want to do it this way, Çok he said.

He also acknowledged that CDMX will lose $ 45 million as a result of the economic outburst of the NFL. rhythm of big events is broken Like City Marathon or Formula 1.

"He was convinced that things would do well, in which case, clearly and openly, responsibility fulfills the duties of everyone, federal government, performing the duties of the government of Mexico City, the NFL's overall coordination and field, and not the NFL's requirements.

"The city loses the inertia of these big events and we have 35 events a year and $ 45 million in economic income He went into capital, "ESPN explains.

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