Saturday , July 31 2021

"Toy Story 4" makes a breakthrough with two new characters

Dinsey it continues with surprises, because another preview of the new film will be released on June 21st. Josh Cooley.

In the new development, the company reveals two new characters that can be part of the new adventures of animated toys. About this "saint"(chicken) and"rabbit"(rabbit), at a fair fair at night,"star adventure"This classic shooting game is supported by spaceships.

Both characters are talking about Disney's progress. Pixar "Andy" 's hands began and Joni Mitchell' s rhythm smiles to the beginning of the song began yesterday yesterday "Who doesn't belong there" is another character, "eyes, arms and mouth that looks like a plastic fork"Forky".

; Ducky u and us Bunny "mimic the cowboy and protector of the galaxy with their famous sentences; So "Woody" and "Ice" enter to correct the expressions, so they finish the regiments.

Yesterday, the first preview and the second poster of the fourth production "Toy Story"The film, which started the production of Disney and Pixar in 1995, also won an award. Oscar and three other categories. In 1999, the second installment was added to the "Andy" toy family, adding "Jessie" and "Tiro al Blanco".

It took 11 years for Disney to decide to publish the third film. It has become one of the biggest box office and awards of all time, making more than a billion profits worldwide.

The first and second installments were both led by John Lasseter, and the third was Lee Unkrich, who led the production. In the fourth installment, Josh Cooley will have to continue the successful line that Disney and Pixar have produced.


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