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Too late: Chivas wins but has already been eliminated from the tournament


At this stage of the championship, Guadalajara brought three points of his visit to Liguilla, Leon, who did nothing to fulfill the long-awaited transition. A solitary explanation of Angel Zaldívar made a statement at this party.

Chivas, who was positive, reached 20 points in the championship, after winning his fourth win with the same number of draws and a loss, endorsing himself as one of the best in the MX League, which plays in a foreign court.

In the face of this encounter, Flock 11 was exposed to changes made by the owner. José Cardozo Amazed placing migraine Basulto In strife, we respect the four lines in the background. They also started Area Cervantes, Angel Sepulveda and Miguel Ponce. Four changes to the previous match against Puebla.

However, it began with local, regional dominance and brought conditions before a Guadalajara, lasting up to 35 minutes to sit in the green rectangle without disturbing the William Yarbrough area.

The most disturbing was the 37 En. When Leon came out with a controlled ball, Miguel Herrera in the area lowered the ball with the thigh before and then gave in his right hand in a game that had to be analyzed by VAR, but the center determined that there was no intention.

Few emotions for the first time. Leon won more time for the ball, but Mauro didn't have the talent to throw Boselli into an unbeatable position, and in only one he used Guadalajara to identify and move networks, but Argentina was ahead.

Chivas came up with more ideas and was surprised by Leon because the complement began differently.

64 & # 39; Rojiblancos In a well-woven game, because Isaac has found the reward for effort Brizuela He took a shot from the edge of the area, but the ball hit him hard. Zaldívar and the caretaker of the Lion remained unlucky.

The aim was to move the pieces of Leon and Chivas. Carlos Salcido emerged as a result of contention and concluded. The people of the region, six times to the top with the defeat of the people returned to the top circuit since the worst made moves to escape the house.

Leon, after a bad start by Raúl, created some important choices that were almost missed to find the link. gudiñobut empires didn't know how he got stronger, and Flock managed to get a little known booty.

On the other hand, the fate of Chivas in this tournament ended Monatcas by defeating 3 to 2 Xolos de Tijuana, who left the Tapatista team mathematically.

Important Moments


Reaction capacity

After dominating the first half, with an alignment that had never been started from the beginning, and with elements of surprise, such as the rivalry of Basulto, rojiblankolar knew how to win a bad recovery in the first half and put conditions on the whole of football. .


Timely changes

Chivas Technical Director José Saturnino Cardozo, who saw the scoreboard leader, tried to control Carlos Salcido, who was no different from Carlos Sepaveda, a more experienced man. minutes moved on.


First day of a youth

In front of the scoreboard, with the game being controlled to a certain degree, the Atletico coach made a debut at the 17-year-old young youth player César Huerta who could not forget his first minutes in Liga MX in the 17th minute. By Isaac Brizuela.

The first eleven


25. William Yarbrough, 5. Fernando Navarro, 6. William Tesillo, 22. Miguel Herrera, 24. Osvaldo Rodriguez, 19. Jorge Diaz, 18. Pedro Aquino, 12. Jose Rodriguez, 11. Yairo Moreno, 10. Luis Montes, 17. Mauro Boselli, DT. Ignacio Ambriz

changes to

  • 60 & # 39; 31. 11. Claudio González for Moreno
  • 77 & # 39; 16. By Jean Meneses 18. Aquino
  • 85 & # 39; 7. Leonel López for the 19th century


1. Raúl Gudiño, 2. Josecarlos Van Rankin, 4. Jair Pereira, 5. Hedgardo Marín, 16. Miguel Ponce, 7. Orbelín Pineda, 31. Alan Cervantes, 28. Miguel Basulto, 15. Ángel Sepúlveda, 11. Isaac Brizuela , 14. Ángel Zaldívar, DT. José Cardozo

changes to

  • Carlos Salcido for the 77th Sepúlveda.
  • 78 & # 39; 23. Jesús Godínez, 14. Zaldívar
  • 87 & # 39; 305. 11. César Huerta for Brizuela

Referee: Roberto Ríos Jácome

center: León Stadium

multimedia: informador.mx gallery

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