Thursday , August 5 2021

They say, "We don't want to hurt Pachuca."

Club Olimpia between Paraguay driven Fifa demand Pachuca pay the unpaid account allocated to buy a percentage of rights Walter Gonzálezis an active footballer Leon. In case of sanctions, such as loss of points, I would pay the debtor equipment and emeralds.

"Unfortunately, we don't want to harm anyone,Pachuca"they leave us an option," he said Paraguay legal representative of the club Guarani, José Montero.

This Monday revealed the lack of payment of the Paraguayan club Pachuca Group, "Yes really Pachuca club On September 30 I had to pay an unpaid amount in American dollars. Since then, there is a balance of 500 thousand dollars unpaid, plus interest …

"It was not possible to reach a good port, therefore, before demand Fifaagainst football clubPachuca).


The Paraguayan club went to FIFA to assert the claim against the Mexican team.

Paraguay is demanding PachucaParaguay is demanding Pachuca

"Yes, it was a credit with a purchase option and the purchase option was effectively applied by a percentage of the player's pass and as a result Club Pachuca At the end of September, he had to pay an amount and there was an unpaid balance of 500 thousand dollars plus interest demanded by the Olimpia club. Fifa"She commented Hunter, by phone hypothesis.

For his part, the club tuzos does not deny the debt, and conversely already has communicated with the team of Paraguayan capital.

"Club (Olimpia) they expect to receive a payment, and as soon as possible, etc. etc, they said they were paying the right. They know the debt, and they just pay for what's missing.

"What we hope is the realization of the procedure as soon as possible Fifa), otherwise it would be pity, we want to get paid, no harm to anyone, unfortunately we are not allowed, "he said. Hunter.

Walter González he came Pachuca career has developed in the last tournament Paraguayan with Olimpia, in Arouca, in Portugal; and inside Mexican where did the last tournament play tuzos and now Leon.

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